Hejie Cui

Hejie Cui

Doctoral Student in CS

Emory University

Hi there! This is Hejie Cui (pronounced as “He-jay Tsuee”, 崔鹤洁 in Chinese). I also go by the name Kelly. I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science at Emory University, under the supervision of Dr. Carl Yang in Emory Graph Mining Lab. I have also been working with Dr. Eugene Agichtein in Emory Information Retrieval Lab.

Before joining Emory, I got my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Tongji University, where I was working on medical image computer vision with Dr. Lin Zhang.

My current research interests lie in machine learning with an emphasis on graph representation learning and its application to knowledge graphs and multi-modality data.


  • 2021.12.19 Paper entitled Structure-Enhanced Heterogeneous Graph Contrastive Learning has been accepted for SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM22).
  • 2021.11.25 Paper entitled How Can Graph Neural Networks Help Document Retrieval: A Case Study on CORD19 with Concept Map Generation has been accepted for presentation in the 44th European Conference on Information Retrieval.
  • Invited as the reviewer for AAAI 2022 and Med-NeurIPS 2021.
  • Paper entitled Zero-Shot Scene Graph Relation Prediction through Commonsense Knowledge Integration has been accepted for presentation in the Research Track of ECML-PKDD 2021.


  • Graph Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning for Multimodal Data
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Commonsense Reasoning


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2019-now

    Emory University

  • BEng in Software Engineering, 2015-2019

    Tongji University