A Method to Predict the Performance and Storage of Executing Contract for Ethereum Consortium-Blockchain

International Conference on Blockchain 2020


As the fundamental technology of Bitcoin, blockchain enables people to deal with trust problems in network. Ethereum, as a well-known public blockchain, is favored by large companies and organizations for its excellent account model and Turing-complete smart contracts, and is widely used to develop consortium-blockchain. However, the performance and storage of executing contract gradually degrade as the transaction volume increases. Meanwhile, compared with public blockchains, companies need a more accurate estimation of prospective performance and storage based on business scale for decisions making or early warnings. In this paper, a prediction model derived from the core structure of Ethereum’s “World State” is proposed. The proposed model predicts the performance and storage of executing contract based on transaction volume. The comparison between the experimental and predicted data reveals that this model can perform a relative accurate prediction of the prospective system’s performance and storage.


Hejie Cui
Hejie Cui
PhD Student in CS

My research interests include graph data mining and structured information systems.