R-Mixup: Riemannian Mixup for Biological Networks

ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Biological networks are commonly used in biomedical and healthcare domains to effectively model the structure of complex biological systems with interactions linking biological entities. However, due to their characteristics of high dimensionality and low sample size, directly applying deep learning models on biological networks usually faces severe overfitting. In this work, we propose R-Mixup, a Mixup-based data augmentation technique that suits the symmetric positive definite (SPD) property of adjacency matrices from biological networks with optimized training efficiency. The interpolation process in R-Mixup leverages the log-Euclidean distance metrics from the Riemannian manifold, effectively addressing the swelling effect and arbitrarily incorrect label issues of vanilla Mixup. We demonstrate the effectiveness of R-Mixup with five real-world biological network datasets on both regression and classification tasks. Besides, we derive a commonly ignored necessary condition for identifying the SPD matrices of biological networks and empirically study its influence on the model performance.