A Review on Knowledge Graphs for Healthcare: Resources, Applications, and Promises

Healthcare knowledge graphs (HKGs) are valuable tools for organizing biomedical concepts and their relationships with interpretable structures. The recent advent of large language models (LLMs) has paved the way for building more comprehensive and accurate HKGs.

PTGB: Pre-Train Graph Neural Networks for Brain Network Analysis

The human brain is the central hub of the neurobiological system, controlling behavior and cognition in complex ways. Recent advances in neuroscience and neuroimaging analysis have shown a growing interest in the interactions between brain regions of interest (ROIs) and their impact on neural development and disorder diagnosis.

Interpretable GNNs for Connectome-Based Brain Disorder Analysis

Human brains lie at the core of complex neurobiological systems, where the neurons, circuits, and subsystems interact in enigmatic ways. Understanding the structural and functional mechanisms of the brain has long been an intriguing pursuit for neuroscience research and clinical disorder therapy.

FBNetGen: Task-aware GNN-based fMRI Analysis via Functional Brain Network Generation

Recent studies in neuroscience show great potential of functional brain networks constructed from fMRI data for popularity modeling and clinical predictions. However, existing functional brainnetworks are noisy and unaware of down stream prediction tasks, while also incompatible with recent powerful machine learning models of GNNs.